Mark Turner Featured in Compliance Monitor: Will SMCR Change the Way Managers Manage?

Mark Turner, Managing Director in the Compliance and Regulatory Consulting practice at Duff & Phelps, wrote an article for Compliance Monitor on the upcoming Senior Managers and Certification Regime and what it aims to achieve.

“Broadly speaking, the new regime aims to promote behaviors within firms that benefit both markets and consumers. At the firm level, the SMCR seeks to promote a culture of individual responsibility and ensure that financial organizations and their employees know ‘who does what’. It also offers the means for firms and regulators to hold individuals in positions of seniority accountable for misconduct by themselves and the people they manage. By promoting more clearly-defined roles and responsibilities in this way, the SMCR aims to boost corporate transparency and remove ambiguity. Many firms are proactively and positively embracing the new rules, and ensuring that their internal policies and practices support those individuals being asked to be accountable,” Mark explains.

Read the full article here.

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